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This is the first book I am going to make into this arena. Written by Bryan M. ChasvisĀ  290 Pages. Copyright 2009. I’ll provide an update with what I have learned in a week or so. Seems like a great book to read about learning how to invest into rentals which can provide good income over the long term. Something I will need to talk to my customers about.


I want to embark into a real estate and construction field. So Micheal this is what I am going to enter.

Step 1 (2 Months): Read 1 book or more on the subject per week. I live close to a library so that is what I will do. I have a floater job at the 4 Seasons Hotels which I can work at a few days a week and I just got my Painting Contractors License so I am pretty sure some jobs will pop up. I just recently redid my website here.

Nothing excites me more than watching shows on HGTV like design on a dime and home improvement shows. I love real estate and I love working with my hands to build. Why not combine both? I have always had an interest and been a part of the home improvement aspect with my faux finish business but I would really like to include learning how to sell homes well. I guess I will have to go educate myself and go work for the best real estate guy out there and get trained. I wanna sell home in Malibu and Santa Monica area.

I’m attacking the informal job market. I need to educate myself and then go work for the best real esate guy out there.


I read this post on the 4 hour blog by Tim Ferris. So this is my game. I am ready for a challenge like this. I got till December 29th to do the challenge.

So I commit to myself to follow the 9 steps in the blog post I linked to above for the next 9 months .

I created this blog exclusively dedicated to detailing my journey of self-education along the 9 steps. Michael Ellsberg I can’t wait to meet you. I even went out and bought the book you wrote. I will do what you said and will see where I end up.

imageSo I took like 3 hours out of my day today to talk to like 3 people today at our lovely Internal Revenue Service. The people where pretty nice, some sounded really strange and some sounded pissed. Fuck man, pay these people some money so their a little bit more happy. I owe them and now they need to see 3 months of bank statements and 3 months of pay stubs at where I have a normal job( The 4 Seasons Hotel) Thank God for that job.

Hi this is Tim.